Applied Mathematics-2 PDF Free Download Up Polytechnic

applied mathematics-2 pdf free download
applied mathematics-2 pdf free download
Applied Mathematics-2 PDF Free Download: Today In This post i’ll share details about UP Polytechnic Applied Math-2 PDF Free Download notes, syllabus, as well as Chapter wise details of Up Polytechnic applied mathematics-2 pdf download free, And Bellow i have clearly mention the link to Download Applied Mathematics-2 PDF Free Notes or if possible i’ll also share Last 5 Years Previous Year Applied Math-2 Question Paper of 2nd Semester So Please Share this page with your friends or classmate in your group. So they can get Detail information about Up Polytechnic Applied Mathematics-2 PDF Free Download or topic wise details of UP Polytechnic Applied Mathematics-2 PDF Free Download. Note:-This Subject Applied Mathematics-2 PDF Free Download For Polytechnic PDF In Hindi Or English available in both language so students who are convenient  in their language they can download it according to their own language. Note: Applied Mathematics-2 Is Common Subject For 2nd Semester Of Up Polytechnic BTEUP.

Lets Talk about

What If you don’t have any Applied Mathematics-2 Book PDF Free Download

Okay If You Don’t have any Books For Up Polytechnic Applied Mathematics-2 So you can also Study with Class 10th NCERT Math Book, Class 11th NCERT Math Book, Or As well As Class 12th NCERT Math Book, because syllabus are same in these three books and similar also even if you have taken admission in up polytechnic Group A with 12th Pass That Is much easier for you, Books That I Have Mention Above You Can Check Their Syllabus with own to clarify that is it true or false that i have said.

Last 5 Year Previous Year Question Up Polytechnic Applied Mathematics-2 PDF Free Download

We are trying to upload fast as much as possible but still we need some time so We Are Working On Last 5 Year Previous Year Question Up Polytechnic Applied Matheatics-2 PDF Free Download So Stay Tuned With Us And Bookmark this page in your device or hit the bell icon so you will be get notified when Last 5 Year Previous Year Question Up Polytechnic Applied Matheatics-2 PDF Free Download Will be uploaded. UP Polytechnic Applied Mathematics-2 PDF Free Download Contents of this subject (Applied Mathematics – II: For Second Semester Diploma) provide fundamental base for understanding Advance mathematics and their uses in solving engineering mathematics problems. Contents of engineering mathematics this course will help students to use basic mathematical functions  like logarithms, partial fractions, matrices and basic 2D, curves in solving various engineering mathematics problems of all fields. And Bellow You Will Get The Details Information For engineering mathematics for Up Polytechnic Applied Mathematics-2.

What You Learn?

Okay So Here Are The Short Details Of The applied Mathematics-2 that you learn & Understand while reading this Applied mathematics-2 Subject.

  1. apply Binomial theorem to solve engineering problems
  2. apply determinants properties and Crammer’s rule to solve engineering problems
  3. apply dot & cross product of vectors to find the solution of engineering problems
  4. use complex numbers in various engineering problems
  5. apply differential calculus and higher order to solve engineering problems
  6. find velocity, acceleration, errors and approximation in engineering problems with application of derivatives.

List Of Chapter in Applied Mathematics-2 with details topics.

1. Integral Calculus-I Method Of Indefinite Integration: 1.1 Integration by substitution 1.2 Integration by rational function 1.3 Integration by partial function 1.4 Integration by parts 1.5 Integration of special function 2. Integral Calculus –II 2.1 Meaning and properties of definite integrals, Evaluation of defining integrals. 2.2 Application: Length of simple curves, Finding areas bounded by simple curves, Volume of Solids of revolution, center of mean of plane areas. 2.3 Simpson’s 1/3rd and Simpson’s 3/8th and Trapezoidal Rule: Their Application in simple case. Numerical solutions of algebraic equation; Bisections method, Regula – Falsi Method, Newton-Raphson’s Method (Without Proof), Numerical Solutions of Simultaneous equation, Gauss elimination method (without proof). 3. Co-ordination Geometry (2-Dimension) 3.1 Circle: Equation Of Circle in standard form, Centre-Radius form of circle, Diameter of circle, intercept form circle (two). 4. Co-ordination Geometry (3-Dimension) 4.1 Straight line and planes in space: Distance between two points in space, direction cosine and direction ratios, Finding Equation of a straight line (without proof). यह भी पढे – 👉 Capgemini Off Campus Drive 2022 👉 Accenture Off Campus Drive 2022 👉 Xiaomi Off Campus Drive 2022 👉 Infosys Off Campus Drive 2022

-:विषय सूची:-

खंड – 1 : समाकलन गणित – 1 1.  समाकलन 2. प्रतिस्थापन द्वारा समाकलन 3. खण्डश: समाकलन 4. आंशिक भिन्नों द्वारा समाकलन 5. कुछ विशिषट समाकलन खंड – 2 : समाकलन गणित – 2 6. निश्चित खंड समाकलन 7. समाकलन के अनुप्रयोग 8. मध्यमान 9. आंकिक समाकलन ` 10. बीजीय समीकरणों का हल : अंकीक विधियाँ खंड – 3 : दिविमीय निर्देशांक जयमिती 11. वृत खंड – 4 : त्रिविमीय निर्देशांक जयमिती 12. अन्तरिक्ष मे बिन्दु 13. समतल 14. सरल रेखा यह भी पढे – 👉 Cognizant Off Campus Drive 2022 👉 Micron Off Campus Drive 2022 👉 Sprinklr Off Campus Drive 2022

Books Recommended For Applied Mathematics-2 Up polytechnic

  1. Elementary Engineering Mathematics of BS Grewal, Khanna Publishers, New Delhi
  2. Engineering Mathematics, Vol I & II by SS Sastry, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.,
  3. Applied Mathematics-I by Chauhan and Chauhan, Krishna Publications, Meerut.
  4. Applied Mathematics-I (A) by Kailash Sinha and Varun Kumar; Aarti Publication, Meerut
Buy Books Online From Amazon Yes Books Are Also Available Online To Buy Book Applied Mathematics-2 Amazon For Up Polytechnic Diploma Engineering Students Of 2nd Semester Only.

Up Polytechnic 2nd Semester Applied Maths – 2 in Hindi

S.No. Chapter Name Available Links
1. Chapter-1 (Integration) Download Now
2. Chapter-2(Integration By Substitution) Download Now
3. Chapter-3 (Integration) Download Now
4. Chapter-4(Integration By Partial Fraction) Download Now
5. Chapter-5(some Special Integrals) Download Now
6. Chapter-6 (Definite Integration) Download Now
7. Chapter-7 (Definite Integration) by Property Solution Download Now
8. Chapter-11(Circle Formula) Download Now
9. Exercise-11.1 (Chapter-11 Circle) Download Now
10 Exercise-11.2(Chapter-11 Circle) Download Now
11. Chapter-12 (The Space In Point) Formula Download Now
12. Exercise-12.1 (chapter-12) Download Now
I Hope It Will Help You For Your Study and i also love to here you in the comment box that what you think about this subject so please comment in the comment box will answer your question shortly. Thank You & Best Of Luck 😊 Also Check  👉 यह भी पढे: Pradhanmantri Kisan Mandhan Yojana 2022 👉 फ्री लैपटाप योजना 👉 आभूदाय योजना 👉 उत्तर प्रदेश इंटर्नशिप योजना Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Note Hindi Or English PDF Download Concept Of Programming Using C Notes in Hindi Or English PDF Download Office Automation PDF Notes in Hindi Or English UP polytechnic 2nd Semester Applied Physics 2 Notes | Engineering Physics PDF



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