Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Note Hindi Or English PDF

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Notes
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Note Hindi Or English PDF

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Note Hindi Or English PDF

So Hi Guys Today In This Post I will Share information about Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering PDF Because Lots Of Students Wondering Online Here & There To Get BEEE Notes Polytechnic,

So In This Post You Will Get The Details of Basic Electrical Engineering PDF and Details Of Chapter In Basic Of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Subject Details With Chapter and their topics.

And Bellow I Have Provided Download Link So You Can Download BEEE Notes Polytechnic PDF, Also Check List Of Practical in Basics Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering or List Of Books.

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Basics Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering: objective of the course is to Provide basic knowledge and skills regarding Basic Electrical Engineering PDF, In which diploma holders will come across in their professional life.

Basics Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering course will provide the students to understand the basic concepts and principles of d.c. and a.c. fundamentals, electromagnetic induction principle, batteries & transformers, motors distribution system and domestic installation, electrical safety etc.

The students will also learn about basic electronics including diodes and transistors and their applications.

While Going Through This Subject You Will Learn…..

Understand the meaning of basic electrical quantities such as voltage, current, power etc.

Use working principle of transformer.

Use basic Network Theorem and Kirchoff’s laws.

Understand the concept of Junction Diode, transistor and field effect transistor.

List Of Unit In Basics Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering with Topics

Unit 1. Application and Advantages of Electricity

Distinguish between AC and DC, various applications of electricity, advantages of electrical energy On The Basis Of other types of energy

Unit 2. Basic Electrical Quantities

Explanation of voltage, current, power and energy with their SI units, name of instruments used for measuring above quantities, connection of these instruments in an electric circuit

Unit 3. AC Fundamentals

Electromagnetic induction-Faraday’s Laws, Lenz’s Law; Fleming’s rules, Principles of a.c. Circuits; Alternating emf, amplitude and time period, Definition of cycle, Definition of frequency. Instantaneous, average, of r.m.s and maximum value of sinusoidal wave &form factor and Peak Factor. Concept of phase & phase difference.

Working of resistance, circuit. Power factor and improvement of power factor by use of capacitors, inductance and capacitance in simple A.C.

Concept of three phase system in A.C Fundamentals; star and delta connections; & voltage and current relationship (without derivation)

Unit 4. Transformers

Working Phenomenal, principle and construction of single phase transformer, transformer ratio, emf equation, losses and efficiency in transformer, cooling of transformers, isolation transformer, CVT, auto transformer (brief idea), their applications.

Unit 5. D.C. Circuits

Ohm/s law, resistivity, effect of temperature on resistance, heating effect of electric current, conversion of mechanical units into electrical units.

Kirchoff’s laws, application of Kirchoff’s laws to solve, simple d.c. circuits

Thevenin’s theorem, maximum power transfer theorem, Norton’s theorem and superposition theorem, simple numerical problems.

 Unit 6. Basic Electronics

6.1 Basic idea of semiconductors – P and N type; diodes, zener diodes and their applications,

6.2 Introduction to BJT : NPN and PnP transistors, other symbols and mechanism of current flow, explanation of fundamental current relations.

Comparison of CB, CE and CC configuration transistor as amplifier in CE configuration.

6.3 Field Effect Transistor (FET) : Construction, Operation and Characteristics of Junction FET, Comparison of SFET, MOSFET & CMOS.

List Of Practical In Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  1. Identification of Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Transformer, LBD etc
  2. Familiarization with multimeter /CPO etc.
  3. Measurement of wave shapes of half wave rectifier and full wave rectifier.
  4. Plot the P&T characteristics and determination of its parameter from this characteristics.
  5. Connection & reading of an electric energy meter
  6. Use of ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, and multi-meter
  7. Studying different types of fuses, MCBs and ELCBs
  8. Study of zener as a constant voltage source and to draw its V-I characteristics
  9. To draw V-I characteristics of PN junction diode
  10. Verify Theoenin and Neston theorem

Books Recommended For Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  1. Basic Electrical Engineering PDF PDF by PS Dhongal; Tata McGraw Hill Publishers, New Delhi
  2. A Text Book of Electrical Technology, I & II Of BL Thareja; S Chand and Co., New Delhi
  3. Basic Electricity Of BR Sharma; Satya Prakashan, New Delhi
  4. Basic Electrical Engineering PDF PDF by JB Gupta, S Kataria and Sons, Delhi
  5. Experiments in Basic Electrical Engineering PDF PDF by SK Bhattacharya and KM Rastogi, New Age International Publishers Ltd., New Delhi
  6. Basic Electronics of VK Mehta; S Chand and Co., New Delhi
  7. Electrical Machines of SK Bhattacharya; Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi
  8. Basic electronics and Linear circuits of NN Bhargava and Kulshreshta, Tata Mc Graw Hill New Delhi.
  9. Electronic principles by SK Sachdev, Dhanpat Rai and Sons, New Delhi.
  10. Electronic Devices and circuits by Rama RaddyNarora Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.
  11. Principles of electrical and electronics Engineering by VK Mehta; S Chand and Co. New Delhi
  12. Digital Electronics by Malvino

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Note

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I Hope It Will Help You In Learning for Basic Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Best Of Luck 😊

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