CCC Online Test Hindi Or English 100+ Important Question

CCC Online Test
CCC Online Test

CCC Online Test Hindi Or English 100+ Important Question

CCC Online Test Will Give You The Idea That How To Prepare For CCC Online Test Weather It is Hindi Or English, On This Platform We Are Here Providing CCC Online Test 2020 That You Can Learn All The MCQ’s Question May be It is Important For Someone Who is Her On This Page, So If You Have any Doubt About CCC Online Test Question & Answer That We Have Provided Bellow Make Sure To Comment In The Comment Box We Will Try To Update It….

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 Q1 Following are the example of real security and privacy.
(a) Worms
(b) Virus
(c) Hackers
(d) All of these

Q2 Which of the following is not belong to the cyber security?
(a) Hardware
(b) Software
(c) Data
(d) None of these

Q3 Blockchain is the fastest growing records Which work on the basis of….
(a) Cryptographic
(b) Robotics
(c) Virtual Reality
(d) None of these

Q4 The Total number of rows in libreoffice calc worksheet?
(b) 1000
(c) 10,48,576
(d) 2,048,5999

Q5 Which Of the following is not an external threat of the computer or network?
(a) Crackers
(b) Adware
(c) Torjan Horse
(d) None of these

Q6 Which of the following is not a Windows based e-mail programmed?
(a) Pine
(b) Pegasus
(c) Eudora
(d) Outlook

Q7 What are the maximum limitations of file attachments in G-mail and Outlook?
(a) 25 & 20 MB
(b) 25 & 35 MB
(c) 50 & 35 MB
(d) Both a & b

Q8 KYC Stands For
(a) Know your customer
(b) Know your customer
(c) Both a & b
(d) None of these

Q9 In Which of the following will display the contents of active cell?
(a) Name box
(b) Formula bar
(c) Active Cell
(d) Menu bar

Q10 Which of the operating systems used for mobile phone and tablets?
(a) Windows Os
(b) Android OS
(c) iOS
(d) All of these

Q11 the______protocol has fwature that allow uploading of mail message-

(a) PPO3
(b) HTTP
(c) IMAP
(d) SNMP

Q12 A_______search is a search whose hits are restricted to web pages with the current web site.

(a) Global
(b) Exploratory
(c) Hierarchical
(d) Site

Q13 Which Of The Following Is Not Supports Word Processing?

(a) OpenOffice
(b) Ms Office
(c) LibreOffice
(d) Google Chrome

Q14 _______ is the result produce by computer.

(a) Data
(b) Input
(c) Memory
(d) Output

Q15 Which of the following system software of computer?

(a) Application Software
(b) Microprocessor
(c) Automation Software
(d) Operating System

Q16 UNIVAC is ______

(a) Universal Automatically Computer
(b) UniQue Automatic Computer
(c) Universal Array Computer
(d) Unvalued Automatic Computer

Q17 Which layer of international standard organization OSI model is responsible for creating and recognizing frame boundaries?

(a) Network Layer
(b) Physical Layer
(c) Transport Layer
(d) Data-link Layer

Q18 IBM 1401 is _______

(a) First Generation Computer
(b) Second Generation Computer
(c) Third Generation Computer
(d) Fourth Generation Computer

Q19 IPV4 address is of how many bits______

(a) 32 bits
(b) 16 bits
(c) 5 bits
(d) 64 bits

Q20 A double sided magnetic disk pack that has six disk normally uses ____ surface for this pack.

(a) 9
(b) 6
(c) 12
(d) 10

Q21 DVD is based on_______

(a)  USB Pen Technology
(b) Media To Store Video Data Only
(c) Optical Disk Drive Technology
(d) Magnetic Disk Technology

Q22 Route redistribution is the process of introducing external routes into ____ network.

(a) EGP
(b) OSPF
(c) Hybrid
(d) BGP

Q23 For a Browser to connect other resources, the location or address of the recourses must be specified. These address are know as____

(a) URLs
(b) Packets
(c) MSN
(d) e-mail forms

Q24 Which of the following choices in not available in the “Select a category”drop down menu of the insert function dialog box?

(a) Macro
(b) Text
(c) User Defined
(d) Information

Q25 POS Stands For_____

(a) Present of sale
(b) Point of sale
(c) Point of supervision
(d) None Of These

Q26 Extension of calc spreadsheet file is______

(a) .xxl
(b) .ods
(c) .odx
(d) None of these

Q27 CAD Stands For_______

(a) Computer for algorithm design
(b) Computer application i design
(c) Computer Aided Design
(d) All Of These

Q28 Access Time is…

(a) seek time + latency time
(b) seek time – latency time
(c) latency time
(d) seek time

Q29 When was the world first laptop computer introduced in market and by who?

(a) Epson1 1981
(b) Lap link travelling software inc. 1982
(c) Tandy model – 2000, 1985
(d) Hewlett-Packard

Q30 Daisy wheel printer is a type of-

(a)  Impact Printer
(b) Laser Printer
(c) Manual Printer
(d) Matrix Printer

Q31 Calculation is done on the basis of______

(a) Mouse

(b) CU
(c) CPU
(d) ALU

Q32 What is the validity period of cheQue?

(a) 3 months from date of issue
(b) 1 month from date of issue
(c) 4 month from date of issue
(d) unlimited

Q33 Magnetic disk is the most popular medium for.

(a) SeQuential access
(b) Direct Access
(c) Both of above
(d) None of these

Q34 Maximum Number of cell per spreadsheet in calc?

(a) 6000
(b) 1000
(c) 1,048,576
(d) 1073741824

Q35 Which of the following is a search engine ?

(a) Google
(b) Lycos
(c) Bing & Yahoo
(d) All of these

Q36 What is the port number for SMTP protocol ?

(a) 110
(b) 22
(c) 80
(d) 25

Q37 Who built the world’s first electronic calculator using telephone which relays, light bulbs & batteries?

(a) Howard H Aiken
(b) George Stibits
(c) Konard Zues
(d) Claude Shannon

Q38 Where is Operating System Used ?

(a) ATM Card
(b) Computer System
(c) Microwave Oven
(d) Smart Card

Q39 HTML is an acronym for_____

(a) Hypertext Modern Language
(b) Hypertext Markup Link
(c) Hypertext Markup language
(d) Hyperlink Markup Language

Q40 Aadhar is_________

(a) 12 digit number card
(b) Identity proof issue by UIDAI
(c) Both a & b
(d) None of these

Q41 Identify the type of cyber security_______

(a) Phishing
(b) Malware
(c) Ransomware
(d) All Of These

Q42 WAIS Stands For___

(a) Wide Area Information Servers
(b) Wide Area Information System
(c) Wide Area Internet Service
(d) None Of these

Q43 Skype is one of the best_____

(a) Web browser
(b) web server
(c) protocol
(d) internet telephony

Q44 For your email, PGP allows you to______

(a) Enhanced
(b) Encrypt
(c) Design
(d) Decrypt

Q45 Which of the following is used for securing mobile?

(a) Use two-factor authentication
(b) Pascode
(c) App lock
(d) All of these

Q46 While delete maximum number of e-mail at a time  is known as.

(a) Only One
(b) Only Two
(c) Only Three
(d) Multiple

Q47 The world wide area is composed of___

(a) Millions of web pages
(b) Single Page
(c) 500 Web Pages
(d) Only 200 web  pages

Q48 A text that is automatically inserted at the bottom of every sent message known as__________

(a)  Signature
(b) People Width
(c) People Text
(d) Personal level indicator

Q49 While Sending a file from personal computer memory or disk to another is called_______

(a) Hanging
(b) Downloading
(c) Uploading
(d) Logging

Q50 Which type of fonts are best suit to display large text?

(a) Sans Series
(b) Picture font
(c) serif font
(d) Text Font

——— Answer ———

Q1 Following Are The Example Of Real Security And Privacy.

Answer (d) All of these

Q2 Which Of The Following Is Not Belong To The Cyber Security?

Answer (d) None of these

Q3 Blockchain Is The Fastest Growing Records Which Work On The Basis Of….

Answer (a) Cryptographic

Q4 The Total Number Of Rows In Libreoffice Calc Worksheet?

Answer (c) 10,48,576

Q5 Which Of The Following Is Not An External Threat Of The Computer Or Network?

Answer (d) None of these

Q6 Which Of The Following Is Not A Windows Based E-Mail Programme?

Answer (a) Pine

Q7 What Are The Maximum Limitations Of File Attachments In G-Mail And Outlook?

Answer (a) 25 & 20 MB

Q8 KYC Stands For_________

Answer (a) Know your customer

Q9 In Which Of The Following Will Display The Contents Of Active Cell?

Answer (b) Formula Bar

Q10 Which Of The Operating Systems Used For Mobile Phone And Tablets?

Answer (d) All of these

Q11 The ______Protocol Has Feature That Allow Uploading Of Mail Message-

Answer (c) IMAP

Q12 A _______Search Is A Search Whose Hits Are Restricted To Web Pages With The Current Web Site.

Answer (d) Site

Q13 Which Of The Following Is Not Supports Word Processing?

Answer (d) Google Chrome

Q14 _______ Is The Result Produce By Computer.

Answer (d) Output

Q15 Which Of The Following System Software Of Computer?

Answer (d) Operating System

Q16 UNIVAC Is ______

Answer (d) Unvalued Automatic Computer

Q17 Which Layer Of International Standard Organization OSI Model Is Responsible For Creating And Recognizing Frame Boundaries?

Answer (d) Data-link Layer

Q18 IBM 1401 Is _______

Answer (b) Second Generation Computer

Q19 IPV4 Address Is Of How Many Bits______

Answer (a) 32 bits

Q20 A Double Sided Magnetic Disk Pack That Has Six Disk Normally Uses ____ Surface For This Pack.

Answer (d) 10

Q21 DVD Is Based On_______

Answer (c) Optical Disk Drive Technology

Q22 Route Redistribution Is The Process Of Introducing External Routes Into ____ Network.

Answer (b) OSPF

Q23 For A Browser To Connect Other Resources, The Location Or Address Of The Recourses Must Be Specified. These Address Are Know As____

Answer (a) URLs

Q24 Which Of The Following Choices In Not Available In The “Select A Category” Drop Down Menu Of The Insert Function Dialog Box?

Answer (a) Macro

Q25 POS Stands For_____

Answer (b) Point of sale

Q26 Extension Of Calc Spreadsheet File Is______

Answer (b) .ods

Q27 CAD Stands For_______

Answer (c) Computer Aided Design

Q28 Access Time Is……

Answer (a) seek time + latency time

Q29 When Was The World First Laptop Computer Introduced In Market And By Who?

Answer (d) Hewlett-Packard

Q30 Daisy Wheel Printer Is A Type Of-

Answer (a)  Impact Printer

Q31 Calculation Is Done On The Basis Of______

Answer (d) ALU

Q32 What Is The Validity Period Of CheQue?

Answer (a) 3 months from date of issue

Q33 Magnetic Disk Is The Most Popular Medium For.

Answer (c) Both of above

Q34 Maximum Number Of Cell Per Spreadsheet In Calc?

Answer (d) 1073741824

Q35 Which Of The Following Is A Search Engine ?

Answer (d) All of these

Q36 What Is The Port Number For SMTP Protocol ?

Answer (d) 25

Q37 Who Built The World’s First Electronic Calculator Using Telephone relays, Light Bulbs And Batteries ?

Answer (b) George Stibits

Q38 Where Is Operating System Used ?

Answer (b) Computer System

Q39 HTML Is An Acronym For_____

Answer (c) Hypertext Markup language

Q40 Aadhar Is_________

Answer (c) Both a & b

Q41 Identify The Type Of Cyber Security_______

Answer (d) All Of These

Q42 WAIS Stands For___

Answer (a) Wide Area Information Servers

Q43 Skype Is One Of The Best_____

Answer (d) internet telephony

Q44 For Your Email, PGP Allows You To______

Answer (b) Encrypt

Q45 Which Of The Following Is Used For Securing Mobile?

Answer (b) All Of These

Q46 While Delete Maximum Number Of E-Mail At A Time Is Known As.

Answer (d) Multiple

Q47 The World Wide Area Is Composed Of___

Answer (a) Millions of web pages

Q48 A Text That Is Automatically Inserted At The Bottom Of Every Sent Message Known As__________

Answer (a)  Signature

Q49 While Sending A File From Personal Computer Memory Or Disk To Another Is Called_______

Answer (c) Uploading

Q50 Which Type Of Fonts Are Best Suit To Display Large Text?

Answer (c) serif font

CCC Online test 2020 सीसीसी ऑनलाइन टेस्ट हिंदी २०२० ccc online test English ccc online MCQ Hindi 2020 100+ Important Question CCC MCQ.


Chapter 1 Introduction to computer

Chapter 2 Introduction to GUI based operating system

Chapter 3 Elements of word processing

Chapter 4 Spreadsheets

Chapter 5 Computer Communication and internet

Chapter 6 WWW and Web browser

Chapter 7 Communication and collaboration

Chapter 8 Making Small Presentation

CCC Online Test MCQ

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#3 CCC Exam Online Text

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#5 CCC Exam Online Text

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#9 CCC Exam Online Text

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