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Concept Of Programming Using C Notes

Hi Guys Today In This Post I will Share Concept Of Programming Using C Notes In Hindi Or English So Students Of Up Polytechnic / Diploma In Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology Can Download Concept Of Programming Using C Notes Which Is Available In Both Language Hindi as well as English also.

So If You Are In Search Of Concept Of Programming Using C Notes in Hindi Or Concept Of Programming Using C Notes in English Then You Are at the right place, Bellow we have mention the details of chapter with topic.

And We Are Also Working On Practical That Means You Can Check Bellow We are also listed No. Of Practical In Concept Of Programming Using C Notes So You Can Check It.

Or We are also listed Bellow Recommended Books For Concept Of Programming Using C Notes This Books are available Offline and we are trying to Provide Online Link So That You Can Buy Online Also.

Concept Of Programming Using C Notes: Now a Days Programming Skills Become More Popular Due To Technology raised day by day in Our Daily Life and Concept Of Programming Using C Notes Is very popular programming language for beginner if your are in the field of Development.

And Computer play an Important role in Our day life, more so, in the professional life of technician engineers. People, who are working in the field of computer industry, use computer in solving problems more easily and effectively.

In order to enable the ‘students’ use the computer effectively in problem solving, Concept Of Programming Using C Notes course will offers the modern programming language C and C++ along with exposition to various applications of computers.

The knowledge of C language will be Very Useful And Bellow We Have Clearly Mention List Of Practical For Up Polytechnic in Concept Of Programming Using C Notes So You Can check.

c programming
C Programming

What You Will Learn While Studying Concept Of Programming Using C Notes?

Identify the problem and formulate an algorithm for it.

Identify various control structures and implement them.

Identify various types of variables.

Use pointer in an array and structure.

Use structures and union for handling data.

Explain the concepts of C programming language

Explain and implement the language constructs concepts

Install C software on the system and debug the programme

Explain and execute member functions of C in the programme

Describe and implement array concept in C programme

Describe and execute pointers

Expose File System using File Handling.

List Of Unit in Concept Of Programming Using C Notes And Details Topics

Unit 1.Algorithm and Programming Development

Steps in development of a program, algorithm development, concept of flowcharts, programming and use of programming, various techniques of programming, Structured Programming, Pre processors, Debugging, Compiling

Unit 2. Program Structure

Structure of C program, Writing and executing the first C program, Translator: Assembler, Interpreter, Compiler, I/O statement, assign statement, Keywords, constants, variables and data types, storage classes, operators and expressions, Unformatted and Formatted IOS, Data Type Casting

Unit 3. Control Structures

Introduction, decision making with IF – statement, IF – Else and Nested IF, Ladder if-else, Loop: While, do-while, for, Break, Continue, go to and switch statements

Unit 4. Functions

Introduction to functions, Global and Local Variables, Function Declaration, Function Call and Return, Types of Functions, Standard functions, Parameters and Parameter Passing, Call – by value/reference, recursive function, function with array, function with string

Unit 5. Arrays and Strings

Introduction to Arrays, Array Declaration, Length of array, Manipulating array elements, Single and

Multidimensional Array, Arrays of characters, Passing an array to function, Introduction of Strings, String declaration and definition, String Related function i.e. strlen, strcpy, strcmp

Unit 6. Pointers

Introduction to pointers, Static and dynamic memory allocation, Address operator and pointers, Declaring and initializing pointers, Single pointer, Pointers to an array

Unit 7. Structures and Unions

Declaration of structures, Accessing structure members, Structure Initialization, array of structure variable, Pointer to a structures, Union, Declaration of Union

Unit 8. File Handling

Basics of File Handling, opening and closing of File, reading and writing character from a file

List Of Practical in Concept Of Programming Using C Notes

  1. Programming exercises for executing Or editing a C program.
  2. Programming example of defining variables and assigning values to variables.
  3. Programming exercises on arithmetic, logical and relational operators.
  4. Execute the Programming exercises for arithmetic expressions and their evaluation.
  5. Programming exercises on formatting input/output using printf and scanf and their return type values.
  6. Programming exercises using if statement.
  7. Programming exercises using if – Else.
  8. Programming exercises on switch statement.
  9. Programming exercises on while and do – while statement.
  10. Programming exercises on for – statement.
  11. Simple programs using functions and recursive function.
  12. Programs on one-dimensional array.
  13. Programs on two-dimensional array.
  14. (i) Programs for concatenation two strings together.

(ii) Programs for comparing two strings.

  1. Simple programs using pointers.
  2. Simple programs using structures.
  3. Simple programs using union.
  4. Simple programs for File Handling

Books Recommended For Concept Of Programming Using C For Up Polytechnic 2nd Semester

  1. Let us C by Yashwant Kanetkar
  2. Programming in ANSI C by E Balaguruswami, , Tata McGraw Hill Education Pvt Ltd , New Delhi
  3. Programming in C by Reema Thareja; Oxford University Press, New Delhi
  4. Programming in C by Gottfried, Schaum Series, , Tata McGraw Hill Education Pvt Ltd , New Delhi
  5. Exploring C by Yashwant Kanetkar; BPB Publications, New Delhi
  6. Programming in C : A Practical Approach by Ajay Mittal, Pearson Publication

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Concept Of Programming Using C Note

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I Hope This Will help you in learning of Concept of Programming Using C….

Best Of Luck 😊

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