Download Office Automation PDF Notes in Hindi Or English

Office Automation PDF
Office Automation PDF

Download Office Automation PDF Notes For Up Polytechnic Students Of Computer Science Branch and Information Technology Branch & also check the office automation syllabus pdf BTEUP (Board Of Technical Education Uttar Pradesh) UPBTE.

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Note: Office Automation Tools Subject Is Common In Computer Science Engineering Or Information Technology Branch Of Up Polytechnic BTEUP Board (Board Of Technical Education Uttar Pradesh).

Students Of Up Polytechnic / Diploma can Download Office Automation PDF Notes in hindi or English available in both language, Basically Office Automation PDF Notes Subject is used To cover all the work done by the word processing.

Note: We Are Also Working On Office Automation Tools Practical So You Can Also Download Office Automation Tools Practical For Lab.

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In which it involves various activity and task Like Organizing data in Office Automation Tools & Creating Reports Using Office Automation Tools, and it also applicable with lower skill levels in Copmuter to perform higher of tasks with Office Automation Tools,

So That is Why You Need to learn & Understand Office Automation Tools in hindi or English as i earlier said that Office Automation Tools notes pdf that i’m providing is available in both language so you can check and Download Office Automation PDF Notes with the given link bellow.

Now a Days in the commercial world, Office Automation PDF Notes will helps to the users with a sophisticated set of commands to format, edit, and print text documents using word processing.

Office Automation PDF Notes is used as valuable and important tools (Office Automation Tools) in the creation of application such as newsletters, brochures, charts, presentation, documents, drawings and other graphic images. Office Automation PDF This will make the students proficient in Office Automation Tools applications.

Bellow I Have Clearly Mention The Office Automation Tools Syllabus In Hind Notes That would be also Help In Learning and easy to understand while reading Books Of Office Automation Tools Notes In Hindi So You Can Check Bellow.

And I Also Mention Bellow List Of Practical of Office Automation Tools Notes In Hindi In Which You Have To Perform according to your subject teacher as it is instructed while taking class in Office Automation Tools.

Or I Have Provided List of Books Recommended for Office Automation Tools In Up polytechnic College Of Uttar Pradesh BTEUP (Board Of Technical Education Uttar Pradesh) and I’ll try to provide links to Buy Best Office Automation Tools Books Online Amazon.

Here Is The Details That What You Can Understand & Learn while studying this Office Automation PDF Notes In Hindi Or English.

  1. Use file mangers, word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software’s
  2. Describe the features and functions of the categories of application software.
  3. Present conclusions effectively, orally and in writing.
  4. Understand the dynamics of an office environment.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to apply application software in an office environment.
  6. Use Google Suite for office data management tasks.

List Of Chapter & Topic Wise Details

  1. Word Processing

MS Word concepts : Creating, saving, closing, Opening an existing document, Using Featured Word Templates, Exploring Template and Formation of Documents, Selecting text, Editing text, Finding and replacing text, Character and Paragraph Formatting, Automatic Formatting And Styles, Inserting and removing page breaks, Header and footers, Page No, Border & Shading, Change Case, Checking Spelling, Working With Tables, Insert Table, Delete Cells, Merge Cell, Graphics And Frames , Page Design and Layout, Creating and Printing Merged Documents, Encrypting document with a password, Printing documents

  1. Spread Sheet

MS Excel Concept: Creating, Saving, closing, Editing a Workbook, Inserting, Deleting Work Sheets, entering data in a cell, Copying and Moving from selected cells, entering formula, handling operators in Formula,

Functions: Mathematical Functions, Logical Functions, statistical Functions, text, financial, Date and Time functions, by Using Function Wizard.

Formatting a Worksheet: Formatting Cells using tools – changing data alignment, changing date, changing number, changing character or changing currency format, changing font, adding borders and colors, Printing worksheets, Charts and Graphs – Creating, Previewing, Modifying Charts,or LOOKUP/VLOOKUP

  1. Presentation

MS Power Point Concept: Creating, Opening and Saving Presentations in MS Power Point, Working in Different Views, Working with Slides in MS Power Point, Adding and Formatting Text in MS Power Point, Formatting Paragraphs, Checking Spelling and Correcting Typing Mistakes,

Making Notes Pages and Handouts, Drawing and Working with Objects in MS Power Point, Adding Clip Art in MS Power Point and other pictures,

Designing Slide Shows using templates, Rehearse timing, Narration, Multimedia effects- Apply Transitions between Slides, Animate Slide Content, Set Timing for Transitions and Animations, Insert and Format Media, Encrypting presentations with a password, Running and Controlling a Slide Show, Printing Presentations

  1. Database

MS Access Concepts: Database, Relational Database, Integrity. Operations: Creating, dropping, manipulating table structure. Manipulation of Data: Query, Data Entry Form, Reports

  1. Google Office Tools

Creating , saving , downloading , sharing files/folders from Google drive , creating and sharing Google docs, import and export docs, creating and sharing Google sheet, import and export Google sheet, Google forms and form responses ,creating Google slides to present your ideas

List Of Practical In Office Automation Tools

Practical For Office Automation Tools Notes PDF Listed Bellow

Note: This Practical Is Done As The Instruction By Your Subject Teacher And Also Know That Whatever Practical Is Done By Students Is Done At Least 5 Practical As I Know, But I Also Recommended To Consult With Your Subject Teacher So They Can Guide Easily.

Tools to be used: Microsoft office/ Library Office / Open Office / G Suite

Creating a document using different font, changing font size and colour, changing the appearance through bold/italic/underline.

Creating a document using subscript and superscript, justification of the document.

Create a document using Bullets and Numbering.

Create a document using page number, header and footer.

Create a document using inserting page breaks and column break, line spacing.

How to use mail merge and macro in MS Word.

Creating table, formatting cells, use of different border styles, shading in tables, merging of cells, and partition of cells, inserting and deleting a row in a table in MS word document.

Apply spelling checker, grammar mistakes, thesaurus in a document.

Create a Boucher using templates, page setup and print preview, and then print that document.

Working on spreadsheet like adding, deleting, merging cells, layout and style.

Create a table and perform operation using predefined function on it.

In MS Excel procedure to switching between different spreadsheets and workbook.

Create a spreadsheet and print selected as well as full workbook.

Create a spreadsheet with LOOKUP/VLOOKUP features.

Create different charts in excel and implement formula (automatic and use defined).

Create a Power Point presentation using slide template.

Create a Power Point presentation using animation.

Create a Power Point presentation using transition

Create a Power Point Presentation with Adding movie and sound.

Create a Power Point Presentation with Adding tables and chart etc.

Changing slide colour scheme in presentation.

Viewing the presentation using slide navigator.

Create, Save, Run and Print the Power Point Presentation.

Create a database table using predefined template.

Create a database form using form wizard.

Create and share files/folders in Google drive

Create and share Google docs.

Create and share Google sheets.

Create and share Google Forms.

Create and share Google slides.

Books Recommended for Office Automation Tools

  1. Microsoft Office 2010 For Dummies By Wallace Wang
  2. 2007 Microsoft Office System Plain & Simple by Jerry Joyce Microsoft Press
  3. Office XP : The Complete Reference- Stephen L. Selson – Tata McGraw Hill Education.
  4. Working in Microsoft Office – Richard Mansfield – Tata McGraw Hill Education.

I Hope This Will Help You In Learning ? I Would Love To Know What You Think about this subject please comment in the comment box or if you have any quires related to this subject You Can comment in the comment box I Would Love to answer them with heart.

Thank You & Best Of Luck

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